Services offered to food and beverages buyers

Food and beverages buyers are interested in offering their
clients an attractive, international range of products,
but ask for complete support and easy delivery from their suppliers.

Hellas Food World supports buyers in the target markets through:

One stop-shop partnership

Even when ordering products from hundreds of producers, buyers will be dealing with one partner only, Hellas Food World. This minimizes handling costs dramatically and makes communication easy.

Food & beverage concepts

Hellas Food World is not a trader, we have the unique ability to develop our client’s food & beverages sales concepts. This could mean the implementation of new ethnic product segments, thematic product portfolios, sourcing of very special niche products, the development of new brands or handling special order volumes.

Digital Product Selection

It is practically impossible to search through thousands of products in person. Through our digital product platform, we make it easy for buyers to identify products that match their specific requirements.

Tailor-made products

Hellas Food Word is neither an e-shop nor a commodity trader. Having selected the products that buyers are initially interested in, we give them the opportunity to work out any adjustments they wish to make in packaging, labelling, branding or even the products themselves.

Regional product combination

Hellas Food World buyers can combine products from different regions in Greece.

Promotion activities and special events

We cooperate with buyers in developing together special promotion activities, tools and even special events.

Fixed delivery schedules

Deliveries are not managed upon order every time, but with fixed delivery schedules per destination. This makes it easy for buyers to know the exact date of receiving the goods at the moment they are placing their order.

Fixed transportation costs

By working with us, buyers are not obliged to discuss transportation costs for every order. Our transportation costs are predefined and predictable throughout our cooperation regardless of order value.

Financial Clearing

For all orders we offer one central financial clearing based on framework agreements we sign with each buyer. Accounting and payment settlements become easy.

Problem management

As we all know, issues will come up even with the best organization. The point is how they are solved. By working with Hellas Food World, buyers have the privilege of one account manager appointed to them individually, with whom they can discuss and solve any problem that may arise fast and directly.