The Concept

The challenge of small f&b producers

In most markets, small food and beverages producers have a wide variety of innovative products of high quality or traditional products, which consumers are enthusiastic about.

However, due to limited knowledge and a lack of resources, it is almost impossible for small Greek producers to promote and distribute their products in markets overseas and reach buyers in the much broader retail or delicatessen business, international exhibitions such as HORECA, or even contact specialized wholesalers and distributors.

Each market has its own regulations for importing and distributing food and beverages and each buyer has specific preferences concerning product customization, product labelling, packaging, delivery schedules and terms of collaboration. To make matters worse, logistics for small quantities cannot operate at competitive costs.

So, the reason why the product is not exported eventually, even though it is of high quality, is not the product itself, but rather the operational barriers on the way. Sadly, small producers do not stand a chance to overcome these barriers because of their size.

Demands of f&b buyers

For many years, product prices have been the main issue in the food and beverages business. Nowadays, there is a new trend. Consumers all over the world are looking for high quality, traditional products made with healthy, natural ingredients.

B2B buyers are willing to offer such products, but lack the time to properly source them around the world. They also lack the resources required to deal with thousands of small producers, as logistics and management become too complex for them to handle.

At the same time, buyers need something more than just good food and beverages products. They need professional, efficient support when it comes to making adjustments in packaging, labelling, delivery schedules, developing new brands, private-label products or services etc.

There may be hundreds importers in each market, but most of them have a limited variety of products and cannot provide a complete service range.

What is the innovation?

Identifying the gap between small producers and B2B buyers, Hellas Food World provides a complete innovative solution to both.

Global and local: We are global and local at the same time. On a global scale we create unique synergies in operation, while on a local scale we provide producers from Greece and buyers with intensive, personalized support.

Services versus trading: We are not traders, but service facilitators. Our focus is not on making the occasional sale but on building strategic, long-term relationships creating added value for everyone involved.

Business digitalization: We combine personalized business development with the use of a state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure. Product selection, order management and logistics are supported by an integrated system of specialized software applications.

Market data: By operating in many markets within all relevant market channels, we have the unique ability to analyze and correspond to the real demand in each market and region, adjusting our product service portfolio to regional preferences.